About Us

About The Founder

Stratosphere, LLC, based in the Minneapolis area in Minnesota, is founded and owned by Nirav Sheth.  Nirav has a strong passion for developing strategic plans and marketing strategies for smaller businesses and nonprofit organizations. 

Nirav has 23 years of experience at Medtronic, one of the world's largest medical technology companies, most recently serving as Director of Strategy and Business Development. Prior leadership roles included strategic marketing, global marketing, market development, program management, systems engineering and research. 

Nirav has served on multiple nonprofit boards where he led strategic planning processes and served in other leadership roles. To learn more about Nirav's background and experience, please click below.

Why Choose Stratosphere?

* 23 years of experience at a top healthcare company

* Exceptional strategic thinking skills

* Expertise in business and marketing strategy and execution

* Experience with different types and sizes of organizations

* Simple, powerful process and framework

* Strong facilitation skills that elicit groundbreaking ideas

* Ability to customize to your specific needs