Anish Shah, General Manager, QC Training Services, Inc.

Nirav's passion for Business Strategy was very evident in his skilled effort to generate a Strategic Plan for QC Training Services for 2018.  His mindfulness as well his questioning process to gather the necessary facts to formulate the plan shows his deep knowledge of the methodical approach to business strategy.  I believe that implementing this plan will take QC Training Services to the next level of success.  Thank you Nirav.

Julie Manworren, President and CEO, Living Well Disability Services

Nirav demonstrates many skills that elicit break through approaches to entrenched problems. I've had the privilege of working on two different strategic planning processes that Nirav facilitated. He is able to synthesize information and facts and bring meaning to the surface. One of our senior leaders noted that Nirav has a unique capacity to integrate his left and right brain activity. I agree and his ability to do this benefits strategy. The environment for disability services is challenging. Living Well Disability Services is better positioned for our future as a result of working with Nirav Sheth. 

Warren Watson, Chairman of the Board, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

I have known Nirav for more than a decade in our work together at Medtronic, Inc. I watched Nirav emerge from a terrific technical contributor into an energetic, effective and caring leader. Nirav is driven to find real solutions to real problems, determine a customer-centric guiding strategy and then execute to make it real. In my experience there are usually "dreamers" and "doers" but finding someone who can both "dream" and "do" is highly unusual. Nirav can both "dream" and "do"! Nirav is a leader whose internal compass knows where "true north" can be found and he uses his inner compass to guide his leadership work in all corners of his life. I have personally been blessed to know Nirav as an amazing leader and as an equally amazing human being.

Lonny Stormo, CEO, POPS! Diabetes Care

Nirav has a fantastic blend of strategic, leadership, and execution skills. I utilized Nirav's passion and skill for strategy multiple times in asking him to facilitate strategic planning for our business, which he did very successfully. Nirav also exhibits strong leadership in all that he does. I love and respect his servant leadership belief and practice. Nirav is one of those rare people who blend the big picture well with getting things done. While working with me, he led cross functional teams to successfully develop products and bring them to market. 

Jen Rachac, Director, Global High Power Marketing Strategy, Medtronic

Nirav is a very versatile, strategic and influential leader who is able to navigate the trickiest of situations.  I greatly appreciate his ability to form true partnerships where all have a voice.  Nirav is a strategic thinker who is able to create a vision that is both inspiring and able to be translated into an actionable plan.  One particular skill I greatly admire is Nirav’s ability to navigate critical decisions by keeping the focus on the desired outcomes.  He is very effective at creating alignment and driving results.  In addition to his leadership skills, Nirav also has deep medical device market and customer insights that are true assets.