Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Marketing Strategy and Plan

Marketing Strategy and Plan

Business Plan and Program Management

Business Plan and Program Management

Strategic Planning

Whether your business is slowing down, stable or growing rapidly, it is critical to conduct a strategic planning exercise on a regular basis (see 10 reasons why here).  

Strategic planning is defined as a systematic process of assessing the current state, envisioning a desired future, translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and outlining a sequence of actions to achieve them.

We have a simple, powerful market-driven process and framework for strategic planning for your business or organization, further enhanced by skilled facilitation. At a high level, this process consists of the following six steps: 

(1) Setting the stage

(2) Where are we now? (External and Internal Situation Assessment)

(3) Assumptions about the future (Industry, Environment, Competition)

(4) Where do we want to go? (Strategic Focus, Strategies, Goals)

(5) How will we get there? (Action Plans, Budgets, Resources)

(6) Ongoing evaluation and update 

Marketing Strategy and Plan

Strategic Marketing planning is the process by which an organization effectively differentiates itself from it's competitors and provides consistently better value to customers. A strategic marketing plan should align with an organization’s strategic plan or business plan. 

Our strategic marketing process to develop your winning marketing plan is summarized below:

(1) Product Overview

(2) Target Market and Segmentation

(3) Competitive Strategy and Value Proposition

(4) Marketing Goals and Objectives

(5) Marketing Strategies

(6) Positioning

(7) Branding

(8) Pricing

(9) Promotion/Channels

(10) Budgets and Action Plans

(11) Performance monitoring 

Business Plan and Program Management

Business Plan:

A business plan describes in detail how a business, usually a new one, is going to achieve its goals from a marketing, operational and financial perspective.  We will partner with you to understand your business idea and develop an outstanding business plan for you. 

Our template and process for developing a business plan is summarized below:

(1) Executive Summary

(2) Business Concept and Value Proposition

(3) Market Strategy

(4) Technology/Operations Status and Plans

(5) Schedule and Milestones

(6) Budget and Resources

(7) Financial Summary

(8) Next Steps

Program Management:

We also offer Program Management consulting services. Stratosphere is unique because it offers not only strategy consulting, but also execution services, thereby making it an "end to end" service provider.  Whether it is a business strategy, marketing strategy or a new product development program, we offer services to lead and execute these programs to completion. We are skilled and experienced in cross-functional team leadership and project management, and realize that to achieve business growth it is not only critical to have an exceptional  strategy, but also to have stellar execution.